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We help brands reach real users with highly relevant and effective ad placements, cross-device and across multiple placement types.

We understand the unique emotional, behavioral, and cultural drivers of your campaign’s success.

Who we are

We help brands reach their target audience through hyper targeted, highly effective video, display, and audio ads across multiple devices through our brand safe and transparent platform, AdnuroX.

Adnuro is the leading yield management solution for publishers looking to access video, display and audio ads from well-known brands and agencies globally across all digital devices.

We offer several non-intrusive ad placements which users and brands alike love, meaning high paying CPMs.


Some of our partners


Our technology and monetization solutions enable brands to tap into granular cross-device data and leverage innovative digital ad products to reach their users in a brand safe environment.

Our proprietary ad formats enable us to engage with users more effectively, making each dollar of spend more efficient.


Contextual and behavioral targeting, audience, country, site, device, placement, language.

Brand safety

Engage global audiences across premium properties in brand safe environments.


Design solutions aimed at enhancing the advertiser’s KPIs with our engaging creative units.


Improve your post click attribution KPIs and engage users; VCR rates of 80%+ and Viewability of 90%+


Cross device video (all formats) display (all IAB standard formats) and audio.


Hyper granular targeting across over 300 data segments to better target your users.

Some of the brands we work with

1 M
unique users
1 %+
High bid-to-win ratio
1 %+
1 %+
High VTR for 15s ads
1 %+
LAT/LONG impression passback
1 %
LTR (audio)

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