Our strategy is to maximise our publisher’s revenue without negatively impacting user experience. With precise targeting across an array of placements, we ensure the right campaigns are delivered to the right user in the right formats which will engage users, not drive them away.

With strong demand relationships and connections to all the major programmatic demand exchanges, Adnuro gives you the greatest possible return for every impression. Our platform matches each impression with the highest bidder to ensure you are getting the best price possible, every time.

Whether you are a one-man-band with a low number of users but big ambitions or an established organisation or network of sites we are interested in speaking with you. The setup is quick and integration simple and light. Your assigned account manager will be with you every step of the way, ensuring the journey is smooth and successful.


Our technology screens all advertisements prior to delivery, ensuring that they are 100% malware free.

We offer transparent revenue reporting with no hidden fees.

Maximise revenue

With Adnuro, you will be tapping into one of the largest pools of advertisers in the world. Combining direct demand with our programmatic integrations, maximise your fill rate at the best possible eCPM.

Dedicated support

Adnuro’s dedicated account manager revenue and growth specialist will carry out a detailed review of your site and monetisation strategy, suggesting placements or enhancements to increase revenue.

User experience

The strategy is twofold: to increase revenue by maintaining or improving user satisfaction. Our technology automatically prioritises brands that synergise with your user base.

targeted advertising

Simple setup

Setup is quick and simple. Your account manager and our operations team will walk you through the integration and run a test campaign to ensure everyone is satisfied with the integration.